Customized 3D Photo Keychain (Add Your Own Image)


It is a truly original idea to present a 3D printed photo (lithophane). It may be a memorable moment about a family event or an intimate moment with your sweetheart. Just turn the 3D embossing towards a lamp or any light source and the photo will be immediately visible. Send us a photo and order your unique 3D photo keychain

Send photo:

After you ordered the “3D Photo” product, email us the photo and the 4-digit “Order ID” code in the order confirmation email at

Based on the Order ID, we will be able to identify which image belongs to which order.

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The 3D photo is a really rare and unique gift. Capture the most beautiful moments with a special 3D printed gift. The 3D printed photo is based on the principle that the object transmits the light differently through the various thickness of white layers. Normally, the 3D image only looks like a white embossing, but when it is turned towards the light (i.e. backlit) for example placed in front of a lamp, the grayscale photo immediately appears.


Dimensions6.5 × 5 cm

Circle, Heart, Square


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